What would it mean to your company to have all your team pulling in the same direction, focused on the same goals, and attacking problems using a common set of skills understood by all with a focus on delivering the most value to your customers?

To help build our clients’ cultural capabilities and business success, Lakehurst Consulting recently affiliated with Lean6Sigma Academy, a division of Cannsult Inc., in order to help scale your internal capabilities through online training to augment our structured problem solving services.

This offering provides your team with training at multiple skill levels, called “Belts”, to learn and apply the concepts of Lean Six Sigma to improve your company’s bottom line and continuous improvement culture. The training is self-paced, high value, and aligns seamlessly with our “One-on-One” Operational Excellence approach that we utilize our clients. Here is a summary of what is covered at each Belt level:

The Belt program and training reflect levels of involvement, leadership, and technical skill for building your team’s problem solving acumen. Higher skill levels in the Green, Purple, Black, and Master Black Belt levels also come with one-on-one coaching to ensure skills are mastered and to assist candidates with certification to show their mastery of application of the tools. We are here to help you be successful.

To get more details, feel free to email us at or check out the complete course catalog and register here.

You can also view sample copies of course content at these links: