Case Studies

Wire Manufacturing

  • Privately held world class wire manufacturer whose products go into medical devices needed to reduce long lead times for custom products.
  • Facilitated kaizen event with cross-functional team to review all steps and teams involved (over 130 steps and 35 teams) and provided high level process map for further streamlining.
  • Client used event output to develop detailed process map and procedures to streamline the product development process.

Mining Downtime Reduction

  • UK Mining company needed to reduce downtime associated with Pullback Process of Continuous Miner. Severe winter caused low inventories and political concerns.
  • Facilitated kaizen event analyzing all steps of pullback, identifying waste and resource conflicts via a process map. Built future state map and action plan to reach it. Executed on next pullback tracking KPI’s.
  • Reduced downtime associated with pullbacks from one-week to 27.5 hours average, resulting in an additional 10% annual capacity.

Mining Program Development

  • Multinational mining company with $1.4B in annual sales, 3,100 employees, and 14 sites operating under different subsidiaries needed to offset inflation by improved productivity and establishing a continuous improvement culture.
  • Established Operational Excellence Process based on Lean Six Sigma principles including team, common roadmap, training, execution approach, project and results tracking, and assessment process over 8 years.
  • Met the annual goal of 3 to 5% reduction from 2008 through 2018 for a total of $165M in savings. Trained over 50% of the company on CI process execution. Executed dozens of projects each year.

Machinery Manufacturing

  • Privately held global manufacturer of highly engineered food processing equipment needed to consolidate manufacturing operations into flagship site after purchasing a competitor, with minimal interruption in meeting customer orders.
  • Developed project plan for equipment layout, move, installation, and start-up with teams at both sites. Executed that plan.
  • Six-month project met budget and timeline with successful start-up of industrial laser, press brakes, welding equipment, compressed air system, and pollution controls. Met state and local building code and permit requirements.