Are you a business leader seeking ways to improve your bottom line or to optimize your operations?

At Lakehurst Consulting, we help leaders like you generate increased earnings by identifying the key cost drivers and bottlenecks in your operations and putting in place sustainable solutions with your team to improve performance. 

Our mission is to bring forward operational expertise and proven process improvement techniques to help business leaders dynamically grow their companies’ earnings and resolve internal issues to further increase profitability.

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“To get out of the pit we require an outside view.  No chance from the inside.  A system cannot understand itself.  Understanding comes from outside.  An outside view provides a lens for examination of our present actions, policies…  Knowledge from outside is necessary.  Knowledge from outside gives us a view of what we’re doing, what we might do, a road to improvement, continual improvement.”

Dr. W Edwards Deming in his final interview on 10/23/93 with Industry Week


We work with each client to understand those persistent problems that prevent you from achieving your goals of productivity and profit.


Working with your team, we use a structured process to define those problems. With common understanding, we can begin to build a consensus approach.


The definition of the problem and the characteristics of your organization then lead us to the appropriate tools for that given situation.

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Structured Problem Solving
  • Shop Floor Kaizen
  • Process Mapping
  • Roles and Responsibilities Charting
  • Maintenance and Reliability Processes and Technologies

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“Lakehurst Consulting possesses that unique combination of technical and skills strengths in Operational Excellence including Lean, Six Sigma, and Health and Safety and outstanding leadership capabilities. They hold themselves to a high standard of responsibility and accountability. Great to work with and to have on any team!”

Jack Leunig

Former Senior Operations Vice President

  • Continuous Manufacturing Plant Process Optimization
  • Mining Material Flow Improvement
  • Plant and Equipment Reliability
  • Back Office Process Velocity Improvement
  • Organizational Effectiveness Improvement
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Lakehurst Consulting, LLC is a business and operational process consulting firm focused on helping clients eliminate waste and maximize profits

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