The Lessons of Entrepreneurship

One of the most critical aspects of being an entrepreneur is utilizing all the experience you have.  You need to learn from the good and the bad and then apply it to your business going forward.  Another important aspect of being an entrepreneur is learning from others in the same field.  Today, I am sharingContinue reading “The Lessons of Entrepreneurship”

The Entrepreneurial Journey

The path to becoming an entrepreneur is never straightforward nor uniform to anyone else’s experience. When growing up, I knew that the family business would eventually fall to me and my brothers.  But until that inevitable day,  I was perfectly content with pursuing my interests and passions. I sought out a path that I foundContinue reading “The Entrepreneurial Journey”

Living the Legacy of Entrepreneurship

Perched on the beautiful shores of Pemaquid Lake, Lakehurst Properties, in Damariscotta, Maine, is the ideal location to escape the distractions and chaos of everyday life. The lake features a private, safe, and shallow sand beach that is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, or simply relaxing and enjoying the picturesque view. Lakehurst Properties is the perfectContinue reading “Living the Legacy of Entrepreneurship”

Are you fixing the right problem?  8 Steps for Operations Leaders

Have you ever wondered why you cannot permanently fix that nagging problem even with all your top experts working on it? As an operational excellence leader at top process manufacturing companies, I helped teams identify and visualize problems in a common fashion so that they could all be working on the same problem to provideContinue reading “Are you fixing the right problem?  8 Steps for Operations Leaders”

Challenges Facing Manufacturing Executives

The U.S. GDP decreased 0.9% in the second quarter 2022 after falling 1.6% in the first quarter, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis “advance estimate” released on July 28.  While this is a volatile time for our economy, it is also a time of opportunity for small and medium sized manufacturing businesses.   HowContinue reading “Challenges Facing Manufacturing Executives”

Four keys in making Process Improvement part of your organization’s DNA

As companies face the uncertainty of inflation and a looming recession, what would it mean if your company can annually reduce its operating costs 3 to 5%?  A focused process and performance improvement initiative will deliver that level of savings and change your culture to reach higher levels of profitability for years to come.         AContinue reading “Four keys in making Process Improvement part of your organization’s DNA”

Designing and Building the Right Operational Processes

Are you a business owner who is on the cusp of growth but struggling to make it to the next level? What is preventing you from getting to the next level?  Are you depending on people to make your operational processes more efficient and productive to be successful, and despite their best efforts, your operationsContinue reading “Designing and Building the Right Operational Processes”

Culture as a Business Advantage

Last week, I attended the Missouri Association of Manufacturers Trade Show and Conference in Springfield MO.  There were about 80 exhibitor booths of both solution providers and companies sharing their best practices.  The displays were augmented by 5 conference sessions and another 2 breakouts sessions on topics of key importance to the local manufacturing industry. Continue reading “Culture as a Business Advantage”

Upcoming Webinar

As I have progressed through my career journey, I found myself struggling and frustrated trying to solve those nagging business problems that eat away at bottom-line. However, along the way, I discovered an eight-step framework to help attack these issues, and I’m happy to share them with small-business owners today. Next week, I’ll be hostingContinue reading “Upcoming Webinar”