Are you fixing the right problem? 8 Steps for Operations Leaders

Are you fixing the right problem? 8 Steps for Operations Leaders

Have you ever wondered why you cannot permanently fix that nagging problem even with all your top experts working on it? As an operational excellence leader at top process manufacturing companies, I helped teams identify and visualize problems in a common fashion so that they could all be working on the same problem to provide a workable solution that all team members could understand and champion to their larger organizations.

It is amazing how once you go through a structured problem definition step how quickly the team can leave their individual biases behind and start working towards that permanent solution.  It does take some time to go through this exercise, however, that time invested is significantly less that continuing to repeat either fixing the wrong problem or providing a solution that is not sustainable.

Lakehurst Consulting is ready to help your company work through a structured problem-solving process to attack those problems that keep you up at night.  Our 8 step approach features:

  1. Planning and Creating the Team featuring cross-functional subject matter experts
  2. Defining and Describing the Problem through use of high-level mapping, structured brainstorming, and making things visual
  3. Containing the Problem with temporary measures also known as using a band-aid but acknowledging that it is a band-aid with limited utility and lifetime
  4. Identifying, Describing, and Verifying Root Causes by stepping through what is driving wasted time, extra inventory, defects, and extra processing
  5. Choosing Corrective Actions that will eliminate or mitigate those root causes by improving your process
  6. Implementing and Validating Corrective Actions by comparing new results to prior results through quantitative and qualitative measurements
  7. Take Preventive Measures by institutionalizing and reinforcing the new process with your team to ensure that results are sustainable
  8. Congratulating your Team and acknowledge the improvement they have made to your results

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