One-On-One Operational Excellence

The “One-On-One Operational Excellence” approach is for companies seeking to lean out their manufacturing operations by identifying inefficiencies and harnessing the brainpower of those closest to the work to improve throughput and reduce costs. The goal of the approach is to change the trajectory of small to medium sized manufacturing companies by utilizing structured problem solving tools to eliminate or mitigate process steps that result in increased costs and waste time.

We start with a conversation with you to get a high-level description of the problem to determine the technical complexity and involvement needed for a successful engagement. From there, we execute our 8 step approach featuring:

  1. Planning and Creating the Team featuring cross-functional subject matter experts
  2. Defining and Describing the Problem through use of high-level mapping, structured brainstorming, and making things visual
  3. Containing the Problem with temporary measures also known as using a band-aid but acknowledging that it is a band-aid with limited utility and lifetime
  4. Identifying, Describing, and Verifying Root Causes by stepping through what is driving wasted time, extra inventory, defects, and extra processing
  5. Choosing Corrective Actions that will eliminate or mitigate those root causes by improving your process
  6. Implementing and Validating Corrective Actions by comparing new results to prior results through quantitative and qualitative measurements
  7. Take Preventive Measures by institutionalizing and reinforcing the new process with your team to ensure that results are sustainable
  8. Congratulating your Team and acknowledging the improvement they have made to your results

This approach drives involvement with those closest to the work, engages leaders to be champions of the improvements, and ultimately ensures that the outputs of your process, including physical products, information, or services, are beyond what the customer expects.

We will tailor the approach to meet you specific needs including both onsite and remote sessions. Since each engagement is different in terms of scope and complexity, please contact us or book a Free 30 Minute Session to discuss details and pricing.  

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